Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fixing Wacom Intous Problems in Windows 8.1

The Problems:

**Important! Please install the latest Wacom Driver before you proceed**

Problem: Pressure sensitivity is not working in Photoshop CC 2014 or other programs
Solution: In the Wacom Tablet Properties, select mapping and turn on the "Use Windows Ink" Check box in the lower right-hand corner.
Explanation: Microsoft added tablet functionality directly into Windows a few versions back. Adobe decided that in Photoshop CC 2014 they would hook into the windows Ink through the API to apparently increase performance and stroke results... and problems. Windows tablet settings are absolute trash by default, and both Adobe and Wacom are just pointing fingers at each other and Microsoft instead of fixing the problem.

Problem: Right-click is not working in some or all programs including Windows
Solution: In Windows Control Panel, open Pen and Touch. Make sure the "Use pen button as right-click equivalent" is turned on.
Explanation: Apparently Wacom's Tablet setting for button mapping don't work if "Use Windows Ink" is turned on. This is a bummer but hey at least you can use your tablet in Photoshop CC 2014... Right?

Problem: I can't paint due to delays, lag or pop-up menus.
Solution: In Windows Control Panel, open Pen and Touch. Select "Press and hold" and click "Settings...". In the Settings window, disable this function completely.
Explanation: When painting with Windows Ink enabled "press and hold" maneuvers or "painting" as I like to call it, are seen as a specific type of input that triggers a right click. This function makes painting impossible because life is stupid.

*Note* if you use the pen button to right click you have to click and then move to get the menu to open.

Bonus: Other things that you can do because you wanted to spend all day fucking around with windows instead of making art.

1. Super Helpful Adobe employee M Shaw says if you want to get photoshop working without Ink turned on in the Wacom properties do this:
Create a text file in a text editor such as Notepad.
Type in the following lines:
# Use WinTab
UseSystemStylus 0
Save the file as a plain text file named PSUserConfig.txt, and save the file into the Photoshop settings folder: C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Settings\.
To turn off the gestalt's functionality, delete the PSUSerConfig.txt file. Or, move it to a different folder if it doesn't contain any other commands, or change the lines, so they read:
# Use Win8 native tablet support
UseSystemStylus 1

2. Disable Flicks in the Windows Control Panel: Pen and Touch setting. Why, you ask? Well, because I'm sure it fucks something up too, I just haven't figured out what yet.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

mdTaters back!

Some people had asked so here it is...  mdTater has been reborn.
mdTater is a random transform ( translate, rotate, scale) Tool. Just pick the Axis you want and the type of transformation desired and Tater does the work for you.

**Fixes** 10-8-2011
Works in all versions of Maya: Tested in Maya 2008 - 2012 sp4.
Fixed the scale behavior: Now when uniform scale is turned on the object(s) scaling is proportional.

mdTater.mel (right click and save as)

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Awesome! nDo is normal mapping plug-in for Photoshop that is 100% fantastic... dont believe me try it out!

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I will remove this in a bit...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Unigine 2.0

Check out the real time rendering going on @ unigine.com. The video on this page is more a beauty pass demo. Check out the real time tessellation video here.

Pretty amazing if you ask me.