Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Custom User Menus in Maya

I tend to be back and forth between Polygon, surface and animation tabs a ton when I'm working in Maya. I have no shortage of hotkeys and marking menus but I think this little trick can make navigation a much more happy task.

In Maya open the mode selection drop down box on the status line and pick customize.

Click the New Menus Set button and name your menu.

The middle pane is the Menus that are currently active in your Menu set. The right pane is all available menu. You can either right click or middle mouse drag the items you want to add to your new menus set. Once the item is in the middle pane "Menus in menu set" you can reorder your selections with middle mouse drag.

Now you have your own menu! But wait it gets better!

Hotbox to boot!

Remember to save your preferences (Window>Settings/Preferences>Preferences>Save) and Enjoy!