Friday, June 11, 2010


I will remove this in a bit...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Unigine 2.0

Check out the real time rendering going on @ The video on this page is more a beauty pass demo. Check out the real time tessellation video here.

Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Been a long time...

So Its been a long minute since I updated this thing but since I'm the only person that actually reads this thing I will forgive myself this one time.

The Point of this post is to inform me (and you... whoever you are) about the awesomeness of a few little apps and sites that are true life savers... This little bad boy makes reinstalling your OS a piece of cake. Select the programs that you use the most and let Ninite do all of the hard work for you. Best of all it says no to shitware like Yahoo tool bar and other annoying additions that may be included in the installer!

MysticThumbs is an amazing program that gives Windows Explorer (XP/Vista/7) the ability to show previews (thumbnails) of .PSD, .PDF, .tga, .dds and many more image file types. Version 2 of MysticThumbs should be out soon.

Along the same lines as MysticThumbs Fast Picture Viewer will solve all RAW file previewing issues.

Instant Eyedropper automatically pastes the HTML color code of any pixel into your clipboard for fast color selection outside of Photoshop or any other image editor for that matter.

LR2 / TreeExporter
will export an entire catalog of images from Lightroom but retain the original images folder structure. It is one of a bunch of amazing tools made by Timothy Armes @ Photographer's Toolbox.

Another Lightroom plugin genius is Jeffery Friedl. He has lots of good stuff on his site but his GPS plugin is the bees knees for photographers who don't have GPS built into their cameras.